Conscious Punk

by Plant

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released January 12, 2016

All songs written by Plant, All lyrics by Bass. Recorded and mixed autumn 2015 by Yannig at Sonnenstudio Willelmsburg.




Plant Hamburg, Germany

we are

- fascism
- racism
- sexism
- homophobia
- transphobia
- patriarchy
- religion,
- gema (german collecting society)
- rockstars
- cops

- anarchism
- diy
- feminism
- free culture
- kink
- weed
- animal rights

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Track Name: intro
anywhere we want
Track Name: homophobic cavebreaders
private flats. full climate control
cooked food from clean dishes
shocking news on their high tech TVs
deviants want equal rights

hypocrites preach nature just to proof their backlash point

borders, chemical food and religion
no problem for them
But two genders should be enough
more might make god cry

make god cry

this cheap rhetoric trick
it won't impress us just a bit
but I guess most of them don't even know
they fool themeselves
if they love nature that much they might want to ft some real issues
or at least fuck off to breed in a cave
Track Name: no defense
different attackers
always the same victims
different ideals
poorest always kill each other

lowest always die
peacefull always die
poorest always die

the ones who start a war
are never the ones to suffer the most
the victims are not nations or ideas
it’s the people who can‘t afford defence

buy your self defence
Track Name: normalcy
The beauty of destruction,
the noble act of spitting on institutions
as long as violence is the fuel in the big machine
it’s a great thing to enlighten a flame

rip normalcy
into tiny beautiful pieces

normalcy means violence
for everyone who won‘t fit in
the norm a tool to preach a double standard
majority wins minorities die

rip normalcy
into tiny beautiful pieces
Track Name: smallest wheel in the machine
thank you for taking one for the team
even if you‘re propably innocent
and if not we‘re just overreacting
on some rules that you felt free to bent
we both know you‘re not dangerous
but I need to eat too
so I make money locking doors
of the cells where they‘ve put you

capitalist inbreed
profit penitentiary

prisons are humane haha
not as long as I am in charge
no dirty hands for me my friend
there are enough here to help me bent
your free will and your dignity
I‘ll send you on a raping spree
get you beaten everyday
you fucking punk will soon obey

profit profit profit profit profit profit
Track Name: keepers of the fail
oktoberfest, beer glass fight
mass murder, militarism
assiduous working bee
heteronormal abusive family

this is what comes to my mind
when they say german culture is on the line
christianity and third reich

they march up
to protest for all their useless crap
obediency, hierarchy, crosses and flags
and and all that stupid german value shit
keeping the fail instead if rethinking it

fuck you
we want to try something new!

If it’s all just about, human rights, values and equality
why does your shirt say germany and not democracy?

pervers, auf drogen, linksriminell
pervers, auf drogen, linksriminell
pervers, auf drogen, linksriminell
pervers, auf drogen, linksriminell